4 Things to do Before you Leave on Vacation


It’s the star of a new year and many of us in Ottawa are looking to break up the long cold winter with a trip to a sunnier destination.

Before you leave, here are some tips to protect your home and car while you are gone:

Make your Home Look Occupied

Nothing says “no one is home” more than a house where the snow has accumulated in the driveway and no lights have been turned on for a few days.  

Consider using timers that turn lights on and off automatically and leave curtains and blinds as they normally would be.

Have a family member, trusted friend or neighbor check on the home every couple of days to collect the mail, keep the driveway cleared, and check your home for damage.

Disconnect your Electronics

Unplug all electronics or make sure that they are plugged into a surge protector.

Remove Valuables from your Car

We have all forgotten something in the back of our car or left spare change in the cup holder. These things are easy for a potential thief to grab and run off with. Before you leave for vacation make sure to remove everything including the ownership and proof of insurance.

Don’t Announce your Plans on Social Media

A post can reach further than you expect. Don’t alert others that you will be home. Only post travel pictures when you return.