Defensive Driving Tips

Black luxury car at byroad in autumn time

Defensive driving techniques can help you proactively avoid accidents and the costly repairs.

1 Assume the people around can’t drive. The concept behind defensive driving is that drivers will make predictable mistakes so if you are expecting them you will be able to avoid an accident. Chances are if another driver has already caught your attention it’s not because of their excellent driving skills


Stay out of driver’s blind spots. We all know this but have been guilty of not doing so in stop in go traffic. The general rule is that if you can’t see the other driver in the mirror than they probably won’t be able to see you.

3 It’s 9 & 3 not 10 & 2. Many of us were taught to drive by keeping our hands at the 10 & 2 position however keeping them at the 9 & 3 position actually gives you better control if you have to swerve quickly. The added benefit is that you are less likely to punch yourself in the face if your airbag goes off.

4 Keep your wheels straight while waiting to turn. While stopped at an intersection keep your wheels pointed straight so that if someone runs into the back of you they do not push you into oncoming traffic. While this obviously does not prevent an accident it will lessen the seriousness of it.

5 Maintain a Safe Distance. Give yourself a cushion of three seconds between yourself and the car in front of you so that you can avoid a collision if they come to an unexpected stop.

6 Be predictable. Maintain a steady speed, avoid hard braking and follow the rules of the road. If you are driving in an expected manner you will avoid causing an accident and not make the drivers around you nervous enough to make a mistake as well.