Planning your Next Road Trip

A little forward planning can make the difference between an enjoyable road trip and a disastrous one. Before heading out, ensure your vehicle is up to the task. Book an appointment with your mechanic at least a few weeks in advance to ensure all fluids (oil, washer fluid, etc.) are checked or filled, if necessary.

Depending on how much time you’ve allocated for the trip, start plotting out natural and tourist attractions you may want to visit. Make sure they will be open during the time you intend to stop by. Also see if these destinations have any special activities planned around your travel dates. It might be worth adjusting your schedule by one or two days to accommodate (or avoid) a certain event.

Plan a schedule based on your timing, using Google Maps to help estimate how long it will take to reach each destination while taking account of time for visiting, eating, resting, and pit stops. Make sure to leave adequate time for things you may encounter along the way, or places where you wish to spend more time.

Check your liability slip to make sure that you have the current one. If you can’t find it contact us to obtain either a hard copy or a digital copy for your smart wallet.