Spring Thawing; Protect your home from flooding

According to the Global Risk Institute the costliest impact of climate change affecting Canadians is
residential basement flooding. With springtime on the horizon homeowners need to be cautious as the
rise in temperature could result in spring thawing and lead to flooding. Living near bodies of water,
creeks, and rivers escalate the risk of flooding.

Here are a few tips to avoid flooding and spring thaw issues:

• Be prepared in advance: survey your property and ensure that your grading, and back filling
helps redirect water away from your home and foundation

• Keep your gutters clean and point your downspouts away from your home
• Install window wells and well covers to improve drainage around basement windows, this will
also prevent water from entering

• Seal cracks in your foundation and don’t leave minor water leaks, these can lead to a bigger
issue, solve the issue when it becomes apparent

• Disconnect downspouts that lead to the municipal sewer system and extend them away from
your home

• Consider installing weeping tiles

• Utilize a backwater valve to keep your basement dry

During heavy rainfall or flood conditions:

• Continue to monitor lower levels of your home for any sign of water intrusion

• If water is starting to enter your home shut off the electricity, this will help protect you from any

• If possible, block the sewers in your basement to avoid any backflow

• Be aware of any emergency information through a TV or radio

• Keep out of any standing water

Be sure you know what is covered under your home insurance policy, and act proactively to protect your
house from unnecessary flooding and water damage. Contact us today to make sure
you have the coverage you need.