Grey cat playing with water

Insurance claims, while inconvenient, are normally straightforward affairs. Your car has been stolen or damaged in an accident. Your home has sustained damage due to a burst pipe or fire. These are arguably among the main reasons why people purchase insurance in the first place. But every so often the really unexpected happens.

Wave of a Paw

A homeowner discovered the hard way that their kitchen faucet could also be activated by their cat. The curious cat was able to turn on the tap by waving its paw underneath it. A dish cloth in the bottom of the sink caused the water to overflow. [Source: Canadian Underwriter]

Next Time Call Pest Control

Skunk Walking on Leaves

A renter decided to take matters into his own hands to remove skunks which had set up their home in the crawl space. He used a smoke bomb which started a fire that eventually spread up the walls to the attic. The home was severely damaged. The skunks appear to have escaped unharmed. [Source: Detroit Free Press]

Dog vs. Raccoon

Raccoon Close Up of Face

One might ask what insurance has to do with your dog chasing after a raccoon. The answer is nothing, unless you’re beloved Jaguar happens to get in the middle of it.  One day a dog decided to chase a raccoon out of his owner’s garage. The dog was unsuccessful as the raccoon climbed to the top of the Jag and fought back. By the time it was all done the entire body of the Jag was covered in claw and scratch marks. [Source: Hagerty]

Is the Vehicle Used to Carry Explosives?Explosive Sign Above Drawn Truck

You will find this question on the first page of every Ontario Automobile Application Form. While many people are amused by some of the odd questions found on the application they are there because at some point in time someone actually did it and ended up with a claim. Such is the case of one insured who loaded fireworks in the back of his truck and decided to have a smoke on the way home. When he was done he tossed the cigarette out of the window. Unfortunately for him the wind pushed it back into the bed of his truck, igniting the fireworks. [Source: Claims Journal]

Theft of a Different Nature

Picture of Full Set of Dentures Out of Mouth

One man discovered the limitations of his theft and mysterious disappearance coverage under his property policy. While spending the day at the beach he sneezed hard enough that he blew his dentures out of his mount and onto the sand. Unfortunately a nearby seagull snatched them up. His insurer declined to pay the claim and suggested he make a claim against the company who had made the denture adhesive cream. [Source: Claims Journal]

The lesson in all of this is that sometimes the unlikely and really unexpected happens. As an independent broker we will help tailor a policy to prepare for that day. Contact us for a quote or to review your policy.